Friday, 21 December 2012

Portfolio Review with Matt Bray + Jord O'Brien

So today I went into town to visit Matt Bray and Jord O'Brien. These two left Stockport college last year and have since became part of self formed collective 'Foursight'. I thought it would be useful to get some advice from people who were in the same situation as me this time last year, as their thoughts about it all would still be fresh in their mind.

I took my pdf portfolio with me to show them on my Ipad. I wasn't sure if this was a wise choice, but as they looked through it, it was interesting to see how they both automatically zoomed into the images for a closer look, something you couldn't do with a printed portfolio. Although it would be a good idea to take along some of the actual printed items too (Age uk bookle, 8x8 book etc.).

It was great to hear some positive feedback, Matt was really impressed with my characters and the way I use simple shapes to create my work. He explained how he thought it was good that my characters were versatile, how they worked to illustrate Madonna, but also the characters in Brave New World. It was great to hear this as character design is something I really hoped I'd cracked by this point, I especially appreciated this comment coming from Matt because he has a really distinct style when it comes to character design!

They advised me to start screen printing some of my work as they thought it would work really well printed. So far on my degree, when working on tight deadlines, I've had to cheat make my illustrations look printed as much as possible, which pains me to do. I'm glad they thought my work would work well printed as next year when I have more time hand printed my illustrations is something I definitely plan to do.

Jord was interested to see what I wanted to do once I left, I told him I planned to make and create my own things, clothes, prints, books. He and Matt both gave me advice on the sort of places my work may do well such as print fairs, and explained how they got their work into places like magma which was usefull.

All in all it was a positive review, as recently I've been doubting my work, so it was nice to hear feedback from great illustrators, which re-inforced the same views I once had on my work!

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