Saturday, 31 March 2012

Trip to London at the start of March

I went to london at the start of last month, the initial reason for going was to see Florence and the Machine with my best friend Matthew who lives in london, however I decided to go up before then and stay after so was there for almost a week. It was such a good trip, I really enjoyed myself, I loved seeing Matt and also getting to spend time in london and do lots of cool things, so heres a few photos of what I got upto, and random things I saw and liked while I was there! (Excuse the bad quality of photos however as most were taken on my rubbish old phone!)

Firstly when I got there, after dropping my things off at Matts I went straight for oxford street to meet him, whilst waiting for him I saw amazing window display in selfridges for Christian Laboutins, I saw the legs and the sailor men with tattoos from across the street and actually ran over, how amazing is this? It was all moving around and made a really big impact, I'd love to make something like this, it would be awesome!

I had a whole day to kill, and as I've sort of seen most things in london I would want to see, I thought I'd go and check out the new shopping centre westfields, whilst there I had a meal on my own and then spent 2 hours reading in a book shop. I saw this book which was extremely useful! It shown one simple story told in 99 different ways, really useful when looking at creating comics or story board esque illustrations.

At the weekend we then went to go and see Florence + The Machine, it was at Alexandra Palace, such a suited location to see someone like Florence perform, watching her was like watching some sort of god, everyone was in awe! Below is the view of london from Alexandra Palace and also a photorgraph of Florence that I took which I think particularly shows her god-like aura!

On the sunday night of my stay in London I had a really nice day, me and Matt went to see Shrek the musical, which stars Kimberley Walsh from girls aloud in (which was extra exciting as me and Matt both love Girls Aloud!), which I've seen before on opening night, but it was really good, its such a feel good show to see, made us really smile. We then went for a walk down the river and for food at Pizza express, it was really nice. We then went for a walk around London which ended up with a few drinks after. Below is a photograph from our walk down the river, one of St Pauls and also one of a shop window I really liked, with the giant ice cream cones!

The next day I went to the Saatchi gallery, I always find it really difficult to be interested by things in galleries, as if its not something I'm already interested or feel an instant connection with I can be quite stubborn to try to be interested! Below are some of the things I just really liked the look of, I was instantly drawn to these, even though one (the bottom one) is actually just a poster near the shop! There was also a photography exhibition from The Times which was amazing, all the photographs were really interesting to look at, I was in my element in that room, for each photograph there was a story behind it explaining the story behind the image, I absolutely love that, how an image can tell a story, I was particularly amazed with the Amy Winehouse photograph, it got really emotional reading about it!

After going to the Saatchi Gallery I met Kimberley Walsh, that was really fun, I love girls aloud so finally meeting her after 10 years of being a fan, it was a really nice way to bring my trip to an end (almost), after that I met Matt from work and we sat in covent garden for a while, I then made my way to the train station and set off home. I always look forward to my train journeys when I'm travelling first class because its so chilled out, and it was, lovely end to a trip.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Drive Final illustration

I really enjoyed working for to make a competition entry for little white lies magazine front cover, although I didn't actually send off my entry in the end, the idea of doing work to be judged is something that me, (who criticism doesn't sit well with!) is definitely an important process to go through.

Above is my final illustration, I am really happy with the way it looks. The flat shapes and lines work really well in my opinion. My work seems to always be really angular and geometric, or features elements which are, which I think is a good thing, it gives a sense of style to the people in my work which I create and people recognise a person drawn by me and that I think can only ever be perceived as a good thing and its brilliant that that is already happening. I would love to find some time to possibly screen print this image.. I think it would look so much better with a more textured feel to it, I hope eventually I find time to do that.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

What will I illustrate?

I know I want to use 1950's style food illustrations in my image for 'howkapow', although, its hard to choose what exactly I am going to illustrate. I don't want to illustrate any form of cupcakes! Cupcakes are everywhere, they are lovely things, but they have been over used so much in recent illustrations, they just look so tacky now, I feel like in a way I should illustrate them to make them look credible as an image element again as some sort of challenge for myself, but I won't. I have been looking at a lot of candy however, I don't want to use the overtly obvioius sweets in a wrapper, too much, as it can become a bit cliche I find, like the cupcakes.

I've been looking a lot at the packaging of foods, and it is confusing me a little, because obviously I'm illustrating the actual food, not just the packaging for the food, however the style of the packaging is what I'm interested in, so I guess I need understand in my own mind that I am illustrating 1950's food, in the style of 1950's food packaging.. I think.

I've been looking at a lot at cereal boxes and other household food items, but as I've recently became a little obsessed with the intermission animations at 1950's drive in movies, I think I want to focus on the food and imagary involved with them. I like the idea of using household things, as then obviously I could include images of 1950's house wives and families, but I think for this brief I want to try and not get too carried away on drawing 1950's ladies for once..

Heres another 1950's drive in movie intermission animation:  

 The music and the voieces and so interesting, I wonder, did everyone speak like that?

Retro Food Packaging

The internet is amazing for archives of old imagery, whilst looking around for old food packaging I found this website which features alot of different retro packaging imagery and also photographs from various super markets and places from past times.

Whilst looking through and obsessing over all these different images, I have been trying to idenitfy just what it is that makes these images look how they do. There are so many different styles, yet you can tell they are all from the same era? How do they do it?

I've been studying through them and working out what it is that I like about these images, what it is that identifies them as those kind of images and also what elements and techniques I can apply to my way of working to continue to develop my way of working into something I love!

The image above shows most of the things which I have identified as important when creating this kind of image.

Shapes: The backgrounds generally are made up of different shapes, a mixture of angular shapes with more rounded softer shapes, this is impotant to the make up of these kind of images, however if you are to make purely shape based images now, they can be percieved as though they are thrown together on illustrator, so it is important to make sure you avoid that!

Characters: Retro food packaging almost always features some sort of character, the illustration styles seem to vary for each character, and these characters can vary from a well known characters, such as disney characters of film stars, to made up ones for that specific product.

Type: There is a mixture of lots of different typography on these kind of images. The typography isn't perfect, thats what I like about it, some letters are slightly smaller or slightly out of place and is always in some way textured.

Use of white: The use of white is important, whether it be as an outline on the characters of shapes, as a border, or as gaps in the areas of coloured in spaces, it is important that white is in some way included.

Colours: The colour palettes vary from having a mixture of lots of different colours to really limited colour, I personally think the images which have limited colour work best for this kind of imagery. The colours usually are also quite saturated, I don't know whether this is actually because of how they are printed, or just because they have faded throughout time? But if we are to create an image that would replicate or be very similar to an image from that time, I think using saturated colour would help create that effect.

Texture: All the above I feel, would look too modern if they did not have a grainy texture behind them, adding a texture makes the images much more authentic looking I think. Also, benday dots in areas of the illustration help create that look too!

Vintage Scans + Vintage Food

Bitchin' Blue KitchenVintage Sears Carpet Magazine AdSherwin '6123Sherwin '61Mid Century Home PlanSherwin '61
Vintage Living Room 1968Sherwin '61Vintage Bedroom 1968Sherwin '61Vintage Bathroom 1968Sherwin '61
Sherwin '61Sherwin '61Sherwin '61Sherwin '61Sherwin '61Sherwin '61
Sherwin '61Sherwin '61Brachs Ad 1968Sherwin '61Sherwin '61Mid Century Kitchen Remodel 1968

Vintage Scans, a set by obsequies on Flickr.
Betty Crocker Special CakesBetty Crocker FrostingsBetty Crocker BrowniesBetty Crocker Special OccasionsBetty Crocker Seasonal DelightsBetty Crocker Gingerbread Cake Mix
Betty Crocker Spice Cake MixBetty Crocker Peanut Delight Cake MixBetty Crocker Chocolate Malt Cake MixBetty Crocker Angel Food Cake MixBetty Crocker Marble Cake MixBetty Crocker Yellow Cake Mix
Betty Crocker White Cake MixBetty Crocker Chocolate Devil's Food Cake MixBetty Crocker CakesCake!Create A CakeChips!
CarnationMartiniCookies From A Cake Mix? Here's how!Blue Bonnet Margarine Ad 1969Vintage 1969 Kraft AdAppeteasers Ad 1969
Vintage Food, a set by obsequies on Flickr.

Whilst looking for vintage images for inspiration for my drawings I came across these photosets of vintage scans and vintage food scans that I thought I should share! These are amazing. Its hard to say what I like about them because its just, well, everything, the colours are especially nice though. I'm so glad that people share these kinds of things on the internet!