Saturday, 28 July 2012

Screen printing set

Over the summer I discovered a screen printing set my nana bought me a few years ago, I've never really had enough spare time to try it out, so when we had a few days of sun, I thought I'd give it a try in the garden!

Above is the screen printing set, it included everything I need to create a simple screen print. So I printed off a shape to work with and got started.

I firstly painted onto the screen using drawing fluid on the areas I wanted to print, I waited for this to dry (I waited ages to be safe.. although you'll see soon how well that actually worked..). I next then covered the whole screen in screen block, waited for this to dry, then washed that all off. After that, the screen then looked like this below! (All seemed to be going well....)

It looked fine to print through perfectly, so I mixed some ink together to test it out, luckily I tested it on some paper first rather than a t-shirt because what is below is what happened.. I have no idea what happened but it obviously didn't work very well! 

What a disaster! I now decided using a stencil would be best... so started to work on some other ideas...

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Making a Madonna T-shirt

After leaving my Madonna t-shirt in Poland (which was devastating by the way) I decided I needed an individual Madonna inspired t-shirt to wear when I saw HRH Madonna herself over the summer at it is obviously one of the most important days of my life, I mean, its Madonna!

 I started thinking about what I wanted to do on it, 'express yourself don't repress yourself' is one of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite Madonna songs 'human nature' but I didn't really want to some sort of 'slogan' t-shirt. So I thought of shapes I could make and use, and thought crosses are pretty popular at the moment, a cross would work perfectly as Madonna uses a lot of religious imagery in performance and art.

I settled on the idea of a cross with the words 'Like a prayer' underneath, bought a black t-shirt, acquired some bleach and began cutting out stencils. I cut out stencils onto thick masking tape, stuck that to the t-shirt and put a pile of heavy books on top to make sure it stuck. I then sprayed bleach onto the areas I wanted to change colour, and waiting for it to change.

The writing is a little distorted but that was expected and I like it. I love how it turned out, I added studs which was a drama however I think looked great. It was fun to make and I have had lots of people ask where I bought it from!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Madonna project beginnings

For the project we had to start working on over summer, I pondered on what I was really interested in, I thought about it and what interests me most is music, especially music created by females as I am extremely fascinated by powerful women, women who have an impact on the world in some way shape or form. After thinking about it for about 30 seconds, I had made my decision, I would do it on Madonna (who else?). I also decided to ask twitter and Facebook for clarification however, I asked "Can everyone please tell me who they believe to be the most inspirational and iconic Female musician".. I had many responses, the majority conveniently being Madonna.

I had been a fan of Madonna all my life, becoming increasingly obsessed in recent years the more I have learnt about her, the more I've loved her. This summer however would be the first time I would ever see her live, this added to the excitement of the project as I would actually be seeing and experiencing the subject matter of my work in real life, and not just any subject.. actual real life Madonna!

I know quite about her already, however now was time to get completely obsessed (quite an easy task for me..). I have began buying and reading any book I can find about her, searching through charity shops and record stores for old vinyls and memorabilia, watching all of her tours available, watching documentaries and speaking to other fans about her too. There is seriously a lot to find out, she has had a very interesting life, in my opinion, however I am very interested to learn it all create illustrative responses based on her career, life, and the impact she has had on popular culture and also individuals.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Mathew Petit CD artwork

I really love working with bands and musicians, I think listening to music when creating artwork is really helpful, so working with musicians is really interesting as I always work listening to their music, and that really helps the outcome.

I recently heard some of Mathew Petits music, I was really impressed, he's a young musicians from Manchester with a really professional and mature sound.  So when he saw my artwork for Kat Mullens EP and asked me if I'd be able to help with his for his debut EP, I was happy to create something for him to use. He mentioned he was interested in Aztec prints, which I am too, I love the colours used and geometric shapes really interest me, so that was a perfect starting point. Whilst listening to some of Mats music, I was playing around with different shapes and colours, his music has quite an airy feel, I felt pastel colours worked really well alongside this. I started making some patterns using illustrator and seeing what worked, I was happy with how it was looking however felt something needed changing, the layer of the patterns you see below had no gaps or over lays in at first. I then separated the colours and overlaid them, I was instantly happy with the whole look of the image and didn't want to start changing too much for fear of ruining it.

Here is the front cover:

The is created digitally, as  although I had been
 thinking a lot about what to do, I only had a very short time to 
create it in (an hour to be exact.. I'd left it to the last 
minute, as usual!) but I think over laying the layers gives
 it an almost offset screen-printed-like look to it, which
 I am really happy with, I think the flat texture really 
works well too, I wanted the whole look of this too 
be really calm, which I think I achieved.

I wanted to keep the back cover simple, so I used
 to same type and on the front adding a tiny part of
 the front cover illustration to go with it to add
 a little something to it.

Here is a preview of Mats EP which was released yesterday:

Have a listen!

This CD cover design got a lot of really really positive feedback which was lovely. I am actually really happy with this piece, and I think although it might not be the way you're 'supposed' to work.. I think  doing this has re-iterated that thinking for a long time then just doing the work and sending it off, works perfectly for me (and my clients!).

The Minx for Dr. Martens

As you can see, The Minx love their Fred Perry and Dr. Martens, so when they were asked to wear some of the new Dr. Martens shirts by Dr. Martens themselves, to be photographed and put onto the facebook page, I was happy to go round the their studio and photograph them for this. I turned up with my camera, told them where to sit, and then told them just to have a chat, heres some of my favourite photos from the short shoot:

The final shot is the one Dr. Martens chose to post 
and below you can see where it was posted,
which got a lot of great feedback too:

I love photographing The Minx, their 'look' really looks great in photographs and they are really easy to work with. It was an honour to have my work featured in relation to Dr. Martens so I thank The Minx for me being their first choice of photographer!

The Minx Single Launch

For the past couple of years I have been on and off taking photos for Manchester band The Minx. A few months ago, I tweeted asking 'what should I draw?', Chris, the lead singer of The Minx replied, 'draw us'. So I did.

A photograph from a shoot I did
 with The Minx a few years back.

The Minx all liked the illustration I did of them. So much so they wanted to use it as their official artwork, to be used predominately for their debut single 'No Friends'. After lots of discussions, the work started to come together. This would include, Cd front and back cover, single launch poster, stickers, T-shirt design, badges and images to be used on social networks. 

Here is the front cover:

It was sketched out, slightly digitally edited with a flat
 background colour added, and hand drawn type added too.

Here is the back cover:

The back cover was created with a mixture 
of digital type and hand drawn.

The band and their management were really happy with the artwork, and the response I've had about it has been amazing, I have had so many people that I've never met or spoke to before come up to me or contacting me on social networks to say how well it works and what a great job I've done, which is lovely.

I'll upload the rest of the artwork and an update on how the single launch went soon!

Sailor Jerrys

These photos aren't the best and definitely don't show how cool this place was. But when I was last in london, we were walking around Soho trying to find our bus stop to get home for later in the night (being sensible), and asked some door men for help, I spotted an anchor hanging above the door and got excited and went straight in. It was an actual sailor jerrys bar! It used to be an ordinary art gallery, painted white, boring and completely uninspiring like most galleries are. But they had completely transformed it, all the walls were worn down, wooden, there was pictures of pin up girls collaged everywhere, tattoo books, I was in my element!

There was a room upstairs where they played films at night, and which was a gallery of sailor jerrys original work in the day, there was also a pop up sailors jerrys store in there too in the day time which sold merchandise with his tattoo flash on. As it was night time  when we were there, there was a film on we didn't get to see the gallery, but I'm really hoping to go back before it ends as its only a pop up thing. I thought this was a really good authentic way to display art, it made you feel like you were in a real life bar and tattooed sailors were to walk in at any time.

The people who worked there were lovely, serving us sailor jerrys rum cocktails and popcorn, and even gave us a sailor jerrys cup for free with and anchor on it, amazing!

Shark + Anchor

Me and Natalie joined together to create Shark + Anchor in uni, we worked together on a brief to create an idea for toy shop window 'toys & tales' in hopes they would choose us to illustrate and decorate their shop window... we created a design which we intended to look like this:

We presented to the shop owners and explained how our design would work. They chose us!

So now over the summer, me and Natalie have been working to get all of our elements ready to create the shop window design. The design is made up of different screen printed patterns on paper, which would be then stuck onto a thicker material to create our scene, with some 3D elements such as lights to add to the whole design.

Heres some photos of us getting the prints ready:

 We're just waiting to hear if the extra elements have been delivered to the shop, and we can start putting our design into the window. Exciting!