Saturday, 27 April 2013

Portfolio review with Alan Dalby

Yesterday I met up with Illustrator Alan Dalby for a review of my portfolio. I had only recently put together my portfolio so was expecting negative feedback and was hoping for constructive suggestions on how I could make it better as although I thought it worked well as a PDF for use on my ipad, I was not entirely happy with it as a print portfolio. There were two main things which Alan said which I have really took into consideration, those are the following points.

Alans first suggestion I used my name on the first page rather than 'hellohmj' as people would wonder where where my name was (with it not actually being a birth name), I understand this, and have often wondered whether I should changed it from 'hellohmj' to just 'hmj' but as I am known as being 'hellohmj' to quite alot of people online and otherwise, I have been wary of making the change. This was the final push and I now need to re-think my logo and facebook page so that the 'hello' just acts as a introduction rather than 'my' actual full name.

The second thing which Alan mentioned was that the way in which I had displayed my work (3 images of the same project to a page) made it look like I didn't have a lot of work, however felt that this in reality wasn't the case! He also felt that the success of the imagery was in the detail, so being so small, the images lost something. I agree that the work does lose something when smaller, as although this isnt too much of a problem when using the portfolio as a PDF on my ipad as who ever is looking at it is free to zoom in close to whatever areas they wish to, it certainly is an issue if I am to use a print portfolio. So  with this in mind I now intend to create two separate portfolios for each different output, spreading the images out across more pages and changing the layout from landscape to portrait may look much better when used in print form.

Alan also suggested I photograph some of my work in context which I plan to do, which I think will make a big different to the portfolios overall look. It was great to get some constructive criticism which I can take on board and change in time for handing my portfolio in!

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