Friday, 12 April 2013

Portfolio review with Lorraine Owen from the Organisation

I had a portfolio review with Lorraine Owen. She is an agent for childrens illustrators, so when looking at my work she definitely was looking for areas which could relate the childrens illustrations. I myself am not really interested in creating illustrations for children, mainly because I like my work to have quite adult themes. She said my work would work well for childrens illustration which genuinely made me really re-think all my previous work. Although I can see how my simple way of illustrating characters and the circular cheeks I use etc. could be suitable for illustration used for childrens products or books, this made me feel extremely disconnected to my work as it made it clear my portfolio really was not showing 'me'.

I like to illustrate images relating to popular culture and sexuality and there were none of these images in my portfolio, it was as though the work wasn't even made by me! I made a conscious effort to make sure all work from that point on reflected exactly what I want people to think of me and my work when looking at my portfolio.

The one positive comment which I took from my review with Lorraine was that she said I worked well with characters and could convey an expression on a characters face. I suppose this was a another reason why she said my work would be suitable for illustrating for children as its important for childrens illustration that the children understand the characters mood. I have spent a lot of time trying to work on how I draw people, and working how to convey different expressions on the same characters, I am glad that she picked up on this and felt I was doing this well.

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