Saturday, 27 April 2013

Recent 'The Minx' Illustrations

I have worked a lot previously in the past with Manchester based band The Minx. I have photographed them, illustrated them, and designed posters, CDs and other merch for them too. They are now just about the start a large campaign, and have asked me to be part of this with them, in which I will do all of the creative side of things.

Illustration and design I did for their debut single 'No Friends'

I really enjoy working with bands as music is something which really inspires me to create, I can't listen to music without starting to hand draw the lyrics, or imaging an image to go alongside, so working with The Minx on their upcoming campaign is extremely suited to me and very exciting! Its also great to work be working with The Minx as they have given me a lot of creative freedom, and as an illustrator trying to find myself, working on a live brief in is a great opportunity to push forward images which really represent my way of working and certainly gives me confidence on my own way of working.

Here is a recent poster I did for them which promoted their first headline gig in Manchester after just finishing touring with Inspiral Carpets. The objects on the poster related to an upcoming release so the illustration on this poster acts as a taster. I am really happy with how it turned out and can't wait for their upcoming releases to share everything else I have been working on!

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