Thursday, 2 May 2013

Animated gifs!

For a requirement of our course we had to make an animation, as I had been in hospital on the days we were learning the animating skills on after effects, I had to work a way around this! Luckily a few years ago I worked out how to use photoshop to make animated gifs, so I thought I would use this way of working to animate some of my work.

My final major project revolves around female sexuality and is inspired greatly by the imagery used for strip clubs, sex shops etc. I wanted this to be a quick process because I feel my drawings are more connected to me when they have not been changed and over laboured. I quickly Made some sketches:

I then added colour to these, and animated them to make them look as through they were flashing neon signs! Heres some of them:

I am really really happy with how they turned out, I even made myself a HMJ flashing sign!


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