Thursday, 2 May 2013

Hopes, Fears and Opportunities


When I last wrote my 'hopes' for the my future both on my degree, and generally in the world of illustration, my main hope was that I personally was happy with my work, and that I felt that after 3 years of my degree I finally knew how I personally as an illustrator, illustrate. I believe that if you are happy with your own work and it really truly reflects you as an image maker, you are more confident in showing people your work and making contacts within the industry (this is most certainly the case for me anyway!).
Before I started my final major project, there was very little work of mine in terms of finished pieces that I could show in a portfolio and be truly confident in. However, since working on my final major project and working with subjects that I found interesting, my work really started to become more connected to me, and as I was working with subjects I cared about, I also cared more about how they looked and worked as a piece. I also began to think “How will I work once I leave?” (without the input of tutors or peers) so I spent a lot of time pretending I was already at that stage, this really helped me define my way of working!
I hoped that my website, portfolio, business cards etc. would all fit together, through doing my final major project I feel this has began to happen. So now, I am at a stage, where I have a portfolio I am finally happy with, which clearly shows the kind of work I would like to be commissioned for, and business cards and a website which represent me in a way of which I am happy with. I am hoping I can use these tools and the confidence having these things has helped me gain, to get out there, show my work to potential clients and make the contacts, and take the steps forward I need to, to move on and get where I want to be!


When I last wrote about my fears, I stated “I guess my main fear is just that at the end of all this I'm not happy with my work.”, I'm pleased with the work I have produced recently and this really has made me more optimistic about moving forward. The main reason I decided to do an illustration degree was to find out how I draw, I needed those three years to find myself as an illustrator and although I may not be 100% there, its certainly starting to feel a lot like it. So this fear has since gone! However, as mentioned in my last “Hopes, Fears and Oppurtunites” although I like my work, I obviously still fear that no-one else will, that I won't get work, but I guess this is a fear everybody has, and I can't let this kind of fear get in the way of me moving forward. One thing however which is quite scary to me is the business side of things, I tend to find dealing with money and official rules confusing or stressful, so thats something I need to look into (So although it is a fear of mine, it is something I can educate myself on). Another fear of mine is that other life commitments will get in the way, I have to make money and trying to become a successful artist isn't the easiest way to do this, I am scared that I may not be able to move forward, I don't want to lose the momentum the past couple of weeks has built up, so I need to constantly find ways to make sure I am inspired and continue to create work.


For my whole life I have been saying “When I leave University I want to...” (and reeling off a list of all the life plans I have made!). Although it is extremely scary to be moving on into the 'real' world, its really exciting too. So along with the fears, comes a lot of potential opportunities! I have really enjoyed working on my final major project, I have created imagery for posters, postcards, books covers. I have also created patterns which is something I have wanted to have the opportunity to do for a long time. Over the past few years I have been lucky enough to work with some really talented people as an both an illustrator and a photographer. I hope in the future I continue to be lucky enough to involved in their projects as I always receive great feedback and it is really encouraging to know people who are extremely talented themselves in their own creative fields value my work. I really hope I get the opportunity to work for clients in the future who I am excited about. I certainly work best when I care about what I am illustrating so working with more interesting people would be great. I really would like to create my own products and begin to sell them, this is something I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember, so I really hope I can find the opportunity to make my products successful! I am just hoping that I am able to sustain confidence in my won work, as I think if you are confident in yourself you really can make things happen for yourself, I just need to get out there and do it!

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