Thursday, 2 May 2013

Logo for hairdresser 'Holly The Hair Fairy'

I was recently approached to do a logo design for a hair dresser. I have only done very little logo design since finishing the graphic design course I did in college, so I was wary as of to whether I would be able to pull it off. However she said she was after an image of scissors and also a nice type, I thought this was a great opportunity to not only challenge myself, but also to work on drawing objects and hand drawn type (things I love to illustrate!).

I started by drawing lots of different ideas and deciding which layouts worked best. I kept her updated throughout, as I thought it was really important that if this was to be her branding, she was entirely happy each step of the way. The next step was deciding on whether I would illustrate it girly, or a little bit more edgy. Holly had shown me ideas which featured floral patterning but also a more edgy tattoo inspired pattern too. I decided to attempt to draw out the scissors first and then work into the image and altering what I felt I needed to as I went along.

I finally illustrated scissors I was happy with, I didn't want to just add the floral-esque patterning on the outsides of the scissors, so made sure they were part of the actual shape. I thought this work really well, and decided to work on type.

It came down to the two ideas. I like how the first one looked better (below, left), however felt that the second (below, right) read better (before I added the connection between the words). It was really challenging to find a way in which the type would be read in the correct way. I eventually decided I would attempt to connect the text in some way subtly, so that people would subconsciously see the correct order through the connection.

Once I added the lines between the words, I asked around 20 people how they read the text, and luckily they all read it in the correct way. I thought that worked best and in that layout would fit better into a square for use on websites, business cards etc, so scanned it in, edited the levels, evened out the illustration, and added a slight texture. Heres the final outcome:

I'm really happy with how it turned out, and so is Holly The Hair Fairy!

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