Saturday, 23 March 2013

GLAM! Exhibition at Tate Liverpool

Recently I went to the 'Glam! The performance of style' exhibition currently on show at the Tate Liverpool. The exhibition is a celebration of the glam culture of the 1970's and featured memorabilia, videos, art and photography. There was everything from photographs and paintings, to 3D pieces and outfits. There was even a whole room which acted as an installation of all things glam featuring lots of glitter, lights, disco balls and other 'glam' related objects accompanied by the music of David Bowie. 
The subject of 'the glam era' is very closely related to sexuality, nostalgia, glamour, performance, music, fashion and popular culture. As these are all of the things which inspire and intrigue me most, I found it so fascinating. 

As well as being interesting in the general subject and all of the stories involved behind the imagery and objects, the exhibition also featured work by some of my all time favourite artists and photographers. It featured work by Andy Warhol who has always been a great inspiration to me, however there was also work on show by Allen Jones and Nan Goldin which was exciting, as they are both two of my biggest inspirations and I had only seen very little of their work in real life before.

The exhibition was most definitely the best I have ever been to, it was just packed full with everything that inspires me and I hopefully will be visiting again soon. Definitely recommended to anyone who's tastes are the same as mine!